Snowmobile Rental Conditions

  • Operator must have a valid drivers license. Minimum age 18
  • The renter must have one of the following acceptable forms of Identification:- Passport, EU identity card, Drivers licence
  • The company reserves the right to refuse rental if unable to verify of the validity of the identification provided.
  • The consumption of alchol before or during a rental by operators or passengers is strictly prohibited. The company reserves the right to refuse or revoke rental, at any time if it suspects the use of alcohol. If the refusal to rent and revokation of rental due to alcohol consumption option is exercised, the full rental fee will be forfeit.
  • The renter acknowledges that snowmobile driving is an inherently dangerous sport and involves risks that may cause serious injury and in some cases death. The renter accepts all liability for damages caused, to another transported person or another subject.
  • If the snowmobile is damaged while in the custody of the renter, the renter will pay to the company the agreed amount.
  • Maximum two people are permitted on each snowmobile.
  • You are responsible for yourself while using the snowmobile. Operation is only permitted in the zoned areas. Operation of the snowmobile in the vicinity of wild animals such as deer or wild boar is strictly prohibited. If you should encounter any wild animals you must come to a complete stop. Do not desturb the animals.
  • A skilled company snowmobile operator will follow your party for the duration of the rental. Please listen and respond to the instructions given to you by the company member during your trip. Failure to listen and respond to instructions given by company members may result in immediate termination without refund.

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